Kody do lucid dream

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Kody do lucid dream
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Kody do LD:

"rules" "pets" "tell" "Bringers of the Dawn" "visa" "miracles" "mark" "native Americans" "white" "entrapped" "thousand year period." "planet" "knowledge" "knowings" "miracles" "the hard way." "good no ritual" "slower." "with" "superior" "zapped" "Cassiopaea calling." "camp" "Shocker" "time" "caused" "alpha" "level" "suffering" "MUFON" "Majestic" "go" "taps" "ears." "aided" "threat." "Antichrist" "nobody." "hot bed" "travel" "curtain" "B" "poltergeist." "windows" "woman" "Hag." "opportunity knocks." "flap" "flop" "glitches" "time" "Heating up" "contract" "Illusion." "fun" "collective mind." "Gemini" "ritual" "time" "cloak" "sneaky' "spells" "The more the merrier." "jealousy factor" "doing your homework" "front line" "The One" "fight." "Lizzies" "neighborhood." "sides" "battle" "fighting fire with fire." "Bullshit!" "time" "Earth Changes" "may" "I don't get it." "California falls into the ocean" "warm." "left behind" "Bringers of the Dawn" "cc" "takes two to tango" "sensitive" "gargoyles" "all-knowing" "bush rattling." "should have" "crumbling" "spooked" "Time" "Mecca" "Henry Higgins," "Pomp and Circumstance" "Hope and Glory." "time" "fun" "Time" "branches" "wanderer" "awaken" "hearing" "crest" "crowded." "Cassiopaea" "boom boom." "Lizzieland." "God." "lose" "risk" "Network" "father" "up to speed." "discombobulated" "bedroom" "trendy" "conduit." "tall order." "influences," "Whippersnapper." "nuts." "genius." "one." "ghost at corner window" "Priority One Soul." "trouble." "belt" "tingle." "way" "stiff upper lip" "comfort zone" "Bringers of the Dawn" "do" "acceptance" "Two G's." "Orphanage." "orders." "resident." "Thump." "step by step process." "union." "draw on our energy." "effortless" "born" "time." up" "awake" "years." "Time" "on" "see" "Lizzie" "eat." "The fallen Angel." "Brotherhood" "do" "letting go" "Millenium." "time." "when a human looks at a rodent, they notice that they are excessively furry." "comparing notes" "help" "God" "Everything," "desert." "antichrist" "losing" "close" "close" "agents" "breakthrough," "business" "deal." "future," "illumination" "forever." "boogie" "bleedthroughs" "bug" "Earthshaking" "let it flow." "Past, Present and Future." "see" "hear" "wild one" "food" "filet mignon." "visiting" "turncoat." "Time is ongoing." "breaking up" "bug" "alien" "stay tuned." "before?" "again" "try" "future" "individual" "Go with it!" "milestone" "contacted" "Que sera, sera!" "milestone," "The Cassiopaeans said this, the Cassiopaeans said that." "woe." "expunging" "Used to" "here and now!" "Link-up." "Ufologists" "Lost Traveller" "demonic" "hold back" "holocaust" "Jewish" "religions." "Buttonhole" "put your money where your mouth is," "past." "nerve." "spies." "Double verification." "meets the eye." "light." "Free will." "strange" "curtain breach." "wishful thinking" "Raise," "Cassiopaea." "Nordic." "small potatoes." "time." "higher levels" "led by the hand." "Gas planet." "chasing rainbows" "time." "teaching." "good night, Gracie." "brain cells," "hooked" "Karnak the Magnificent" "Man" "when" "When" "Hello" "opened" "tornado." "go under" "excuse" "of" "earth changes." "reflection," "rings a bell." "lost souls." "nearer" "arranged" "hieroglyphics" "thought plane" "cross" "flow." "get attached" "dealt with." "agent" "agent" "future" "symptoms," "online" "quotes." "higher" "time" "vacation." "slowly." "Take" "take" "go with the flow." "traffic" "freezes" "dig up" "plane." "Point" "refresher" "locked up" "push" "T" "slag." "good reading." "Puzzle pieces." "spa." "after seven," "refresher course" "touting" "significance" "window." "twin" "hangaround," "Different strokes for different folks." "code." "reload with current aural pattern." "where you are that matters, it is who and or what you are that counts." "good job" "flow" "dream your life away." "the whole picture." "preview" "unglued." "push" "perks" "to the four winds." "handles." "tunnel vision" "capitol" "shocker?" "symptoms?" "big time!" "root." "transiting from 4th to 3rd." "explosion" "hit upon" "centerstage" "other" "night!" "touch the borderline" "what does one do when one reaches fourth density reality with only third density training and experience?" "unified field theory." "filling in the blanks," "Can of Worms." "gravitons." "warmer." "our." "Foundation," "technology." "time." "gut feelings," "The Emperor is wearing new clothes." "colder." "halo." "rushing it" "chakras" "psychic" "can of worms." "chakra." "time" "fly" "if," "calling" "buy out." "disappear!" "truth," "broken." "take-over," "abreast." "a watched pot never boils!" "window faller." "run its course," "icky" "clue." "Look" "personality type?" "UFO?" "craft" "nuts and bolts." "crash." "that!" "government?" "vehicle" "get stuck in the mud" "Till the soil?" "channel!" "cult thought patterns." "heaven." Heaven" "Heavenworth!" "keep your mouth shut," "feeding." "means" "God Force" "down" "government" "Quorum," "Celtic," "Northern Peoples." "lifted" "kahoots?" "kahoots" "Batman" "Batman" "Prime Creator." "seen through a veil." "galaxy" "alien" "worlds" "satellites." "Orion" "god" "Lemuria," "planted," "Planted" "Native Americans." "truth" "forces of darkness," "breeding ground" "master race." "home," "advance party" "veil" "races" "Opal" "Zero time transfer." "Bahrain." "secret" "U.S. Navy is status 2" "Cooperation Agency" "brought under classified management." "classifications" "faked" "conduit." "A ton of bricks" "reprogrammed for service" "Matrix Material" "Robots" "hospital visit." "time" "leading" "Checking" "bases." "territory" "blip" "happening" "go." "time" "skipping" "Matrix," "Nordic" "shoot from the hip." "fact" "all intensive ooze" "unified entity realm," "solar return," "astal projection" "the silver cord" "in the works" "time" "rules" "live," "Trap" "crumbs" "call it in" "Panic," "a phone call away," "impression," "You can lead a horse to water..." "I want to be published, please help me get it done!!!" "circular file." "cut of the action." "fluid" "flow" "files." "secret" "X-Files" "to secede?" "snipes" "to heart," "mission." "special powers" "surreal," "planet." "wane" "station," "worker" "same" "Push buttons" "third party" "packages." "cause" "grooving into," "scientific" "physical" "You once had a more open mind, Michael, what happened?" "20 questions?" "phase" "Oh well, that's life" "blast." "leave no stone unturned!!" "automatic pilot" "kiddie gang." "shoes" "home" "Correctness" "frame" "You never know what there is to be learned when you inquire with innocence and freedom from supposition." "heat things up." "stuff." "self-styled" "Dead Dudes" "essence" "God," "course" "locator probe" "Ghosts" "blue thing" "Quan" "solidifies" "short circuiting" "interferences began." "ordinary" "bandaid" "fuel supply" "falling down on the job," "beat around the bush," "soon?" "ill advised." "time?" "moving on?" "firsts?" "everyone" "on" "be all and end all?" "Oh my, oh my, there is going to be three hours of a lot of big bangs, oh my!!" "research." "future!" "angels," "damn" "special service" "beige beret." "She" "Ann Landers," "choreograph" "time" "on your toes" "35" "give us a call!" "guys." "grill." "rotisserie" "walk in the door" "bounty?" "window fallers." "EM wave bursts along frequency border variation." "mechanics" "dimension" "torn," "work" "chupacabras" "dream you up." "figments" "God" "shaman," "hero," "blade runner?" "time" "adjusting." "time" "dead," "zero time?!" "hard" "stature or professionalism" "images," "getting your point across," "organized." "cool," "hand." "time" "Megatrends." "spare time," "explode." "Lizzies" "unwatched." "good idea?" "stuff like that!" "tuned in." "two way street." "net" "time" "personal data night?" "proof" "time" "long did it take you?" "millions of others?" "sound" "barrier" "situations" "ages" "higher mind" "bikers" "search for extra terrestrial intelligence," "subject" "searching," "point" "get lost," "schedule," "see" "voice," "sit back" "Buying your friendship." "canned" "people" "Outlaws," "Agent SV." "unaffected" "You will know not the day, nor the hour." "past" "man made" "realm border" "weak link," "cheat!" "desperate" "softie." "cut him loose" "superhypnotherapist." "Remember the Brockinton!" "step out of the way" "to." "foisted." "rest of the path." "portal." "army" "portals." "spinning one's wheels," "robots," "see" "muddying" the water," "uses." "environment" "underground race" "reeducation," "preparation committee." "law" "you," "fair" "has to be" "special, chosen, or protected." "trying" "chose" "memory" "give him a little bit." "bring up," "lyin'" "black hole," "leads," "drugs are bad," "nuts and bolts" "mother" "secret government." "fun!" "papers," "everything else" "Now" "out to lunch." "eccentricities...." "time" "Dreadful is subjective." "deadly illusion" "Queens of Satan," "feelings" "attack" "preaching," "this is what was given to me, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether or not you are comfortable with accepting it, or not." "cares" "cheerleading squad" "out to lunch." "Andalusian" "race" "Give to Caesar that which is Caesars." "everything in such darkness and gloom, etc." "dig" "bottom line" "Noah" "God." "The Great Equalizer!" "changes" "power" "spin" "timelessness," "Earth" "level playing field," "Alice through the looking glass." "conduit." "zero time" "Philadelphia Experiment." "Jarrah." "collector" "skip over" "marry" "stuff" "use" "mesh." "antiballoon" "get it" "third grade," "link." "testing" "point blank" "road map?," "Greys" "Lizard" "Passion" "free," "leap," "buckets" "dominion" "the good," "importaltent!" "Feel" "Time" "blown away" "Level One" "answers" "mishmash." "twin sun" "jumping the gun." "dark" "Brown stars?" "brown" "brown" "brown." "come and go?" "End." "Noah" "atom?" "biorhythms." "it just ran out." "Ark," "No-No." "black" "White?" "stuff." "all" "miss," "loss" "Don't want to scare Grandma Sally Bible Thumper/Stockmarket Investor!" "set in it's ways," "angle" "Sell one's self," "Gainesville," "time." "fun" "Greenbaum" "go off" "malfunction," "time" "laps" "loaded." "Sent" "sideline." "sponge." "terminal," "cycles" "all the time." "practices," "dumps" "Antareans." "The Master Race" "Hypoglycemia" "buzz word," "do the book," "Internet," have served their purpose well," "therapists" "one" "undertow" "Project Awaken." "Slant," "the concept, stupid." "Its the economy, stupid." "tunnels," "no tunnels" "hit home." "ought" "media scanning," "Enterprise Florida." "authority." "who she is," "the walls now have ears." "passing out." "hereafter." "time" "Go with the flow" "spread her self too thin." "steady as she goes." "thought center, spirit center and physical center," "initiation." "cloud" "Hooks" "Greenbaumed." "fifties." "spooking" "met" "Antareans" "patsy." "Greenbaum method" "control." "Greenbaumed," "acting up." "Antareans," "experimental" "the peanut gallery," "left," "leaves." "work" "fine tuning." "glitch," "fly off the handle." "bought and paid for." "007" "bounce" "homing" "see what they were made of" "read" "drone" "bounce" "agent provocateur." "of the third eye." "Aryan." "bi-density." "visit" "regenerate." "equal ease," "Martians" "had." "Stupid is as stupid does." "good guys" "government" "New Reality 101." "interwoven" "questor of hidden knowledge" "set aside." "dead end." "extra dimensions?" "selective," "variable." "dimension" "Selective" "crop circles," "trying," "room" "crack" "times." "fake" "missing link" "hit" "cloaking" "Electra" "cell" "Primeco." "Snake eyes" "prime rib?" "Primary." "picked" "Prime Directive?" "Prime time?" "closed" "looking for love" "punishment" "thief in the night." "world-wide" "point A and point B." "time?" "into what and what," "from what and to what." "shoes," "in tune," "time." "living" "dead." "state," "Warp" "move heaven and earth" "hide," "have" "every damn dime." "Apparitions" "source" "bunch of people are running around and buying silly rocks." "apparition," "label?" "week or so?" "I'm always stressed." "This too, shall pass." "steer clear" "bad" "see" "wish list," "step back," "Mom" "under" "find" "in" "through" "deep end." "Knee or gee." "Source" "true" "left field." "Third Dimensional" "atrophy." "aether" "states" "true" "history," "friends" "alternate universe." "grey" "you ARE in over your heads." "What do you mean by that?" "right" "left" "give it a rest." "later." "what's the update guys?" "settlement bin." "suspect" "foot the bill," "time" "homefront," "blueprint." "shyness." "needed." "the signs." "open the wrong doors." "visitor." "secret government?" "head for the hills," "when" "4th" "Eternity" "concentrate" "Falls apart," "opens up!" "supernatural" "paranormal," "wicked" "no?" "borrowed." "union with the one." "tap" "feel" "747?" "future." "they are being bought to make sure that they are not not bought." "in for more" "typical" "time" "future," "they" "secret world government" "subterfuge." "get around." "tone" "euphoric" "zap" "agencies" "hit" "time." "predestined." "long walk," "opened a new door?" "look back," "unfold in front" "threshold" "door," "resources." "harvest." "nippy" "HAARP" "order on the surface of the planet" "time" "wider" "drift" "mutes" "through" "Zero" "unified" "transmission purposes." "stars." "Noah Syndrome" "black holes," "binder" "fuel," "life blood" "density" "discovery" "Jump, Jamp, Jimp." "lotto." "enhance" "window" "ground" "tapped," "a" "free" "conductor." "exciting" "tube," "hollow" "no," "you" "legitimate," "earthshaking," "element of." "spin" "Heaven's Gate." "leap" "at the door." "affected." "time tracked." "struggle," "challenge," "poisons" "still" "stops" "started." "The Nation of the Third Eye." "running" "power mad clique?" "Haste makes waste." "leap into it," "find my lawyer." "Stay tuned, fasten your seatbelts," "new information," "origin" "sickness unto death." "cold feet," "Drove home the reality." "Gaugin." "sect" "beech." "act against them," "acting against." "they." "They" "head it off," "quantum" "Hello." "travel." "ripple" "basic" "stuff" "union with the One." "Percy" "fit in." "filling up" "whole shooting match," "they" "future." "If you knew, you would die of shock." "Celts." "Celts, Druids," "Native Americans," "Divine guidance." "Celts" "trauma" "Celt" "brilliant." "smoke screen" "warmer." "monoatomic gold." "present" "date" "future." "absoluteness of non-being?" "rail" "railgun." "glue" "time," "state." "modern day" "3/5 principle" "Old makes new again." "time sequence?" "they?" "right and wrong." "track." "as a team," "hard" "think!" "never?" "think." "thinking otherwise." "not suitable." "nickel." "filter down?" "comes back around?" "Earth." "the moment?" "go crazy." "Roswell Incident." "punch." "strings" "whitewash." "corona?" Ranier?" "at the door..." "enlightened," "illumened!!" "abel" "bugged" "hauntings." "singing the right tune." "time" "blockbuster" "Concern" "intrigue" "bugging" "rolling." "points" "knight," "keys?" "Key" "conscripted." "conscript." "Jack" "Cecil." "pick their brains" "Shoot." "bars" "flip/flop." "surgical approach," "Agents wear many hats!" "time" "time machine." "privately and quietly?" "the facts of life." "Laura, a great big rock is about to fall on your head," "okay, now moving right along, about the Emerald tablets..." "time" "out there" "blown out of proportion." "tree of life." "The Rosy Cross?" "so screwy." "convenient." "the dots." "destiny!" "nagging" "missing points," "If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!" "I am become ONE... Creator of worlds." "look in the mirror." "mother of preparation," "look," "mushiness." "a bad way," "secure," "to initiate." "Eternal flame" "many beautiful and amazing things," "leaflets..." "hit the jackpot" "Atlantean" "underground." "picked on" "warmer." "Stalinized." "Stalinized" "L Plasmodic benten." "outgrow" "earth shaking" "historical records" "now." "faster," "ark," "comfortable." "final" "good and evil..." "reinforcements" "guides." "not nice," "time" "flap" "Lucid" "Bringers of the Dawn," "cave person" "core" "grapes of wrath," "the lock." "chuck" "lead you by the hand," "short-cut" "haste makes waste." "up to the minute." "payback." "pass the baton?" "puncture points." "ground" "wind." "strands" "El Nino" "Anna" "askew." "corruption and shenanigans" "something will happen," "feather in the cap?" "bigger picture." "911" "screw up." "Brain Drain" "gain" "Faraplex" "computer nerd" "subjects" "times." "yet." "drawn," "drawing" "before we get to that." "heat up," "burners." "Safety" "drawn," "nice weather?" "play your cards right." "military" "negative forces." "past." "From whence cometh, is seen that which knows no limitation." "crazy" "sell oneself," "to the bottom" "torn." "time," "higher" "good influences," "bad influences," "time" "everything" "fast track," "battle" "awareness mode." "glitches." "chain of command." "general terms." "blanket coverage" "get away" "forgotten" "up to par!!" "daydreaming" "be on your toes" "senses," " on the leve." "second nature." "warmer." "dogs." "is it safe," "when opportunity knocks." "side trips." "camera-ready." "sensitive," "instabilities." "Unified Field Theory." "time" "wears the pants." "of her discontent." "time" "track." "fit them in." "pest." "squeaky wheels?" "bull by the horns." "trailblazer." "tossing caution to the four winds" "us," "Frames of reference."


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